Send me your picture and I’ll paint you!

Introducing...The artemech Custom Artwork Package

Are you, deep down inside…

  • an Alien Riding Gladiator?
  • a Steampunk Detective?
  • a Cyber Trans-Human Boxer?
  • a WW4 Zombie Hunter?
  • a Post-Apocalyptic ‘Mad Max’inian?
  • a Trigger-Tempered Fashion-Savy Endo Skeleton?
  • a Westworld Gunslinger?
  • a Sinister World Order Femme-Fatal Kremlin Spy?

All of the above??

Send me your picture and I will paint and Illustrate you as the artemechanix-al character you’ve always known you were.

The artemech Custom Artwork Package

will include the original ‘oil on board’ artwork, as well as a final customized ‘END’ graphic print, signed and numbered by the Artist.   Yes! You get both!

This is your chance to commission a unique ‘Custom’ monochromatic ORIGINAL artwork. (Oils on board sized 32″ X 48“),  framed and mounted.
The ORIGINAL art may include mixed materials, possibly pencils, charcoal, inks, etc, but are primarily oils and acrylics.

Details about the END GRAPHIC:

The artmechanix END GRAPHIC will feature YOU as a painted character in a storyline cover of your own artemechanix Fantasy Art Magazine PRINT.

As an artemech (artemechanix bio-mech) character, it’s not about who you are, but who you think you want to be that matters. Whatever character you desire. Just click the contact link with your vision of YOU in a few words.  A pirate dragon slayer from Mars?  No problem.  Oh, and if by chance you can’t think of anything, then a character in your image will be created for you, slaying that dragon, swabbing that deck, you get the idea.)

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